Crows Foot Weave (CFW) M Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt

 cfw cfw belt iron ore 

Crows Foot Weave (CFW) M Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt designed for high abuse installations is manufactured with a unique EP (polyester nylon) carcass with 50% more threads (ends) in the warp, 40% heavier weft yarn, 20% more weft threads (picks) and over twice the strength in the weft providing a belt with 5 times the strength of conventional fabric conveyor belts.

Features of CFW M Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt:

  • Outstanding resistance to rip & tear
  • Low elongation
  • High strength 
  • High adhesion
  • Good impact resistance
  • Very good cut, abrasion & gouge resistance

CFW M Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt is normally available in the following specifications:

CFWEP1000/3 8X3 M & CFWEP1250/4 10X3 M

CFW M Grade Rubber Conveyor Belting is normally available & can be supplied:

  • Cut to specific width & length
  • With ends prepared for hot vulcanization
  • Endless by hot vulcanization
  • Joined with mechanical fasteners
  • Stock slabs suitable for slitting

Production standards: Our belts are manufactured in conformance with Australian Standards.

Services: C.C.Components Pty Ltd is available for all your field & in plant belt installation & repair work. Our service crews are totally self-contained fabrication units able to perform the most demanding jobs with little or no need for your plant resources.