C.C.Components Pty Ltd custom designs & manufacturers engineered Conveyor Pulleys comprising:

  • Drive Head & Tail Pulleys
  • Take-Up Pulleys,
  • Snub & Bend Pulleys
  • Self Cleaning Spiral Wing & Drum Pulleys

Available Pulley Designs:

  • Liveshaft or Deadshaft types.
  • Flat or crowned shell.
  • Taconite, labyrinth or speciality seals.
  • Oil or grease lubricated.
  • Self centering or low pressure lock element designs.

Engineered Conveyor Pulleys are designed specifically to meet individual project requirements.

Standard Features include:

  • Thorough design analysis
  • Quality materials & components
  • Carefully selected tolerances
  • Smooth & accurate shaft radii
  • Welded connections designed to minimise stress
  • Shafts designed for infinite fatigue life

We also custom design & manufacturer Drive Head Pulleys, Tail Pulleys & Deflector Wheels for High Incline Flexible Rubber Sidewall Conveyor Systems. Straight faced, curve crown or trapezoidal crown pulleys are recommended for high tension systems such as the Beltwall USA System. The recommended deflection wheel construction includes the affixing of the wheels to the shaft, with the shaft mounted using outboard bearings & pillow blocks.

Our Stocked Range of Light Duty (LD) Drive Head & Tail Conveyor Pulleys cover popular belt widths – 600mm, 750mm, 900mm & 1200mm. Bright steel shafts are removable and are fitted after machining, into shaft locking assemblies which provide a secure connection between shaft and hub. Our range of LD Pulleys can be supplied with Bearing Assemblies & can be rubber or ceramic lagged providing superior drive performance. Because our products are very competitively priced & our delivery record is one of the best in the industry, customers know they can depend on us. We constantly strive to not only meet our customer’s needs, but to exceed them.

Conveyor Pulleys can be statically or dynamically balanced upon request.

Lagging of Conveyor Pulleys

Conveyor Pulleys can be supplied with Pulley Lagging in a variety of qualities, gauges & finishes. Properly selected Pulley Lagging can effectively prevents belt slippage, increases the drive traction of the pulley and with periodic replacement, not only extend the no-maintenance cycle, but eliminate the need for eventual pulley replacement due to rim wear. Our Service Centers are all fully manned with experienced servicemen who can quickly lag, either your own pulleys or pulleys supplied by us.

Our comprehensive range of lagging materials can be viewed under INDUSTRIAL RUBBER PRODUCTS.

All our Service Centers carry a comprehensive range of lagging materials. We specialize in quick turn around jobs.

For extreme wet and slippery applications Ceramic Strip Lagging can be supplied to Drive Conveyor Pulleys where a higher friction grip than rubber is required to overcome belt slippage.

Our extensive range of Conveyor Pulley lagging types provides a wide choice all designed to solve your belt slippage problems & enhance your belts life & performance.

We also design & manufacture a range of Take-Up Systems with bearings (optional) suitable for lightweight through to heavy weight conveyor belt systems. These comprise Slide Tube, Top Angle, Top Mount Saddle Type, Center Pull & Scissor Pivot Gravity.

C.C.Components can also design, supply & repair Motorized Conveyor Drive Pulleys. We are able to furnish any Motorized Conveyor Drive Pulley brand name or equal thereof, whether or not in our inventory, at competitive prices with excellent availability. Motorized Conveyor Drive Pulleys can be supplied in a variety of builds all designed for specific conveying systems and can be supplied with or without Rubber Pulley Lagging.


  • LD Light Duty Head & Tail Conveyor Pulleys