C.C.Components Pty Ltd is the Australian Stocking Distributor of both HDPE & Steel EUROROLL Trough Idlers, Rollers & Frames. Manufactured to be directly interchangeable with other recognized manufacturers brands, EUROROLL provides our customers with a quality product that meets all Australian standards at extremely competitive pricing. Our Idlers, Rollers & Frames are widely used in Collieries, Quarries, Timber Mills, Gold Mines, Iron Ore Plants & Bulk Material Handling facilities.

Our Range of EUROROLL CONVEYOR IDLERS ROLLERS & FRAMES is constantly being developed to meet increased demand from our customers and to reflect market trends.

Our rollers are precision engineered for smooth operation, a long service life & built to comply with universal standards.

EUROROLL Conveyor Idler Rollers & Conveyor Frames:

  • 3 Roller Offset, Inline & Transition Trough Sets
  • 5 Roller Offset Trough Sets
  • 2 Roller Inline Trough Sets
  • 1 Roller Flat Carry Idler Sets
  • 3 Roller Impact Trough Sets
  • 4 & 5 Roller Impact Trough Sets
  • 10 Roller Retractable Impact Trough Sets
  • 1 Roller Flat Carry Impact Sets
  • Cantilever Trough Rollers
  • Side Wing Rollers
  • Retractable Standard Trough & Impact Trough Sets
  • Picking Idler Sets
  • Garland Suspended Trough & Impact Idler Sets
  • Rubber Disc Return Idler Rollers
  • 1 & 2 Flat Carry Impact Rollers
  • 3 Roller Trough Training Idler Sets
  • 3 & 4 Roller Trough Training Sets
  • 1 & 2 Roller Flat Return Training Sets
  • Side Guide Rollers & Brackets
  • Return Rollers & Brackets
  • Flat Return Impact Rollers & Brackets
  • Self Training Return Idlers
  • 2 Roller V Return Sets
  • Weigh Trough Roller Sets
  • Free Standing Garland, Suspended & Fixed Trough Conveyor Structure

EUROROLL Steel Rollers are available in the following sizes:

  • Trough & Return Roller: 75mm, 102mm, 114mm, 127mm, 152mm & 178m
  • Trough & Return Impact Roller: 89mm, 127mm, 133mm, 159mm, 165mm  & 178mm
  • Rubber Disc Return Roller: 127mm, 152mm & 178mm
  • Idler Roller Lengths from 136mm to 3500mm


EUROROLL HDPE Idler Rollers offer the following special features as well as being OH&S user friendly:

  • Light weight – up to 50% lighter than steel rollers
  • Low rotating mass & Low drag = Reduced Power Cost
  • High tensile, impact & UV resistant
  • Material will not readily adhere to HDPE rollers
  • Non corrosive
  • Low noise & low friction
  • Chemical resistant

EUROROLL HDPE Rollers are available in the following roller diameters:
Trough & Return Rollers in: 89mm, 102mm, 114mm, 127mm & 152mm

We supply as standard, hot dipped galvanized trough frames, return & side guide brackets, however, against specific order we can supply the frames & brackets painted with a colour to suit your particular plant. Our standard range of steel idlers & rollers are painted black, however we can supply in any colour at a small premium to suit your system.


We also carry a comprehensive range of Interchangeable Euroroll Replacement Idler Rollers for popular mobile road scalpers, mobile crushers & cold planers.

We can provide the following variations of EUROROLL Idler Rollers & Frames against special production:

1. EUROROLL Idler Roller covering with Rubber or PU:
We have the capabilities of rubber or PU covering steel Trough & Flat Return Rollers in a variety of rubber grades & gauges that will better convey the materials with sticky, corrosive or abrasive tendencies. They can also assist in removing the fine grain or powdery articles adhered to the belts surface and thus to restrain the belt from traverse displacement.

Rubber: Hot or cold vulcanized rubber to standard steel rollers from 6mm to 12mm in natural or FRAS Rubber grades

Polyurethane: Hot cast polyurethane 6mm to 12mm (or more). 55A to 70D durometer hardness.

2. Fras Rubber & PU Discs for EUROROLL Impact Rollers & RDRT

3. Stainless Steel Shells & End Caps can be supplied against special production.

4. Custom Manufactured EUROROLL Rollers & Frames:
We can custom manufacturer rollers & frames designed to suit your specific conveyor system or to replace Conveyor Rollers & Conveyor Roller Frames no longer in production.

Our IDLER ROLLER QUOTATION/ORDER FORM & IDLER SELECTION DESIGN DATA SHEET are both designed to assist you when specifying a replacement or new roller for your conveyor system.

We supply custom designed & manufacturer EUROROLL Heavy Duty Side Guide Rollers, Stub Idlers, Deflection Wheels, Head & Tail Pulleys that are suitable for Flexible Rubber Sidewall Belting Conveying Systems.

We supply Cantilever Trough Roller sets & PU Self Cleaning Flat Return Rollers.

We supply both, Steel & HDPE Suspended EUROROLL Idler Roller Assemblies & Conveyor Structure for Pipe Conveyors

We currently supply idlewr rollers & frames from the following Australian manufactures:

Our International & National partnership arrangements provide us with the opportunity of supplying a range of special purpose idler rollers:
Limberoller®, Monobloc®, & Razer Roll™.

We supply EUROROLL rollers & frames to the following universal standards:
DIN, CEMA – B, C, D, & E, & JIS.

We supply a range of steel, stainless steel & plastic rollers suitable for:

  • Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems
  • Line Shaft Conveyor Systems
  • Chain Driven Conveyor Systems
  • Belt Conveyor Systems
  • Curve Conveyor Systems requiring Tapered Rollers