To compliment our extensive range of Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Systems and Industrial Rubber Products, C.C.Components Pty Ltd has developed an impressive range of Conveyor Components. Our Conveyor Components range is constantly being expanded to meet increased demand from our customers and to reflect new market trends.

C.C.Components Pty Ltd in association with our international & national partners has the ability to develop & sell products that satisfy the practical working needs of our customers, particularly within the mining & bulk material handling industry. We are not tied down to working within the constraints of a single source policy. This provides us with the flexibility to source the very best buy for your specific application.

Our Conveyor Components range includes:

  • Primary, Secondary & Reversible Conveyor Belt Cleaners & Scrapers
  • Replacement Conveyor Belt Cleaner & Scraper Blades to suit: Belle Banne, Flexco, Martin, ESS, Gordon, ASGCO, Argonics, CCC, Taurus, Brelko & others.
  • Rotary Cleaning Brushes
  • EZ-Skirt Conveyor Sealing Systems, Clamps, EZ-Skirt & EZ-Tailskirt Section Rubber, Natural Grade & FRAS Rubber & PU Skirting
  • Angle & V Ploughs
  • Impacta Heavy Duty Modular Impact Bed Systems
  • Impacta Impact Bars & Fastening Bolts
  • Return Roller Guards
  • Metal Detection Equipment
  • Rubber, Wire & Polyurethane Screens.
  • Belt Clamps
  • Belt Splicing Preparation Equipment
  • Vulcanizing Equipment

We can supply a range of standard & custom manufactured – Skirting Board Sealing Systems, Clamping Systems & Heavy Duty Impact Beds & Cradles to suit your specific conveyor structure & the type of material being conveyed. We carry a range of Rubber & Polyurethane Skirtingstrip in a range of gauges, qualities & widths to suit various Skirting Board Sealing Systems. We can also supply custom designed & manufactured containment skirting assemblies to suit your particular conveyor.

We can supply a range of standard & custom designed Modular & Trommel Panels in the following high wear materials: rubber, wire & PU.

Our range of side tensioned Rubber Screens Mats are ideal as complete decks on larger screen boxes or as an impact section prior to Wire Mesh. Available in square, round & elongated apertures from 2.5mm to 75mm our Screen Mats are custom punched to suit screening of fine sticky material to primary scalping. Rubber Screen Mats are manufactured utilising a low stretch corded construction with a high abrasion resistant rubber. Rubber Screen Mats can be supplied in either side or end tensioned configurations.

Polyurethane Screen Mats which are a direct replacement for Wire Mesh have proved very economical due to long wear life & low maintenance requirements. Polyurethane provides superior cut, tear & abrasion resistant properties than wire. Polyurethane Screen Mats are fully moulded & available in an extensive range of aperture sizes. Screen thickness is determined by aperture size which gives a standard thickness. Screen Mats ca be supplied in either side or end tensioned configurations.

Polyurethane Modular Systems provide the user with an option of quick & easy replacement in a specific wear area. Popular in dewatering systems in the production of sand they free the product of excess water making it easy to handle. With very fine square apertures from .3mm, water & silk are easily removed without loosing the saleable material.

Our range of screening products & accessories include: Grizzly Bars, Side Clamp Bars & Rails, Channel Rubber, Center Hold Downs & Shaker Balls.

Our range of Heavy Duty Polyurethane Top Rubber Impact Bars are available in a standard size – 75mm x 100mm x 15oomm long. Other lengths & cross sectional sizes can supplied against a quick lead time. Bars are supplied with Heavy Duty Bolt Assemblies & are manufactured to suit our custom manufactured Impacta Heavy Duty Modular Impact Beds.

A correctly designed & manufactured Heavy Duty IMPACT BED will signifantly assist in extending your belt life & reduce downtime by supporting the conveyor belt & cushioning it against the shock of heavy loads & impacts. As well as providing impact protection for the conveyor belt, a correctly designed & positioned Impact Bed will ensure effective load support, while helping to eliminate spillage in the load zone when used in conjunction with a suitable Skirt Board Sealing System.

Its modular design allows multiple units to be closely fitted to form the cradle length needed. Custom designed & manufactured Impact Cradles are also as Impact Cradles are also available in a range of Conveyor Roller & Impact Bar configurations.

Our range of premium RRG RETURN ROLLER GUARDS feature, quick release panels that provide convenient access to the return roller for maintenance & cleaning. The design of our RRG ensures that the basket catches the rollers in the event of roller failure. Most importantly the RRG protects the user by eliminating pinch points. A range of economically priced ECONO Return Roller Guards are also available.

We have available, from a number of recognized manufacturers, a diversified range of Secondary Conveyor Belt Cleaners (which include reversible) in either segmented or full blade configurations. These are available in a number of blade designs: Polyurethane with a Tungsten Tip, Tungsten Tip & Rubber with a Tungsten Tip. Our range of Belle Banne Cleaners include types P, R, U & A. Our Flexco Secondary Cleaners includes the Eliminator™ P & R Cleaners, Minrline™ MHS, Belle Banne™ U-Type™ & A-Type™ & the Eliminator™ PS Spraywash Cleaner.

We have available from a number of recognized manufacturers a diversified range of Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaners in either segmented or full blade configurations. These are available in a number of blade designs: fully molded Polyurethane & Polyurethane with with a Tungsten Tip. Our Belle Banne Preclean H range can also be used on reversing conveyors. Our range of Flexco Primary Cleaners includes the Eliminator™ H-Type™, Mineline™ MHCP & the Rockline® EZP1 cleaners.

We have a range of Rotary Cleaning Brushes suitable for V & Chevron Cleated Rubber Conveyor & PVC Belts.

We can supply both original and custom molded Polyurethane Conveyor Belt Cleaning & Scraper Replacement Blades.  We also suppply Conveyor Belt Cleaner & Scraper Blades to suit: Flexco, Martin, ESS, Gordon, ASGCO, Argonics, CCC, Taurus, Brelko & others.

We supply a range of Conveyor Belt Cleaning Ploughs, in both V & Angle configurations. Our range of Belle Banne & Flexco ploughs includes the Deflector™ Directional & Deflector™ V Plough. Ploughs correctly installed & maintained are an effective way of ensuring material does not become trapped between the tail pulley & the belt. By reducing material build up on tail & take-up pulleys, belt running alignment is maintained thus reducing belt edge damage as well as bottom cover punctures.

We supply a range of industry recognized brands of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Equipment for both Plied Fabric & Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt, Solid Woven PVC as well as for lightweight PVC & PU Conveyor Belt. Our own Service Teams predominantly use Shaw Almex Vulcanizing presses. Fresh Splice Kits suitable for both fabric & steel cord belt are available from our National Service Centers.

We supply a range of Metal Detectors including DETEC, the Australian manufactured, Number One Electronic Metal Detector for extractive industries. Our range of detection equipment also covers food & timber processing. The DETEC log detector is a large aperture metal automatic detector designed to inspect timber logs for tramp metal, both ferrous & non-metal.

We can supply a range of Conveyor Protection Hoods & Covers in different materials & configurations for both outdoor & indoor systems.

We custom design & manufacture Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Reeling Equipment for both Rubber & PVC Conveyor Belting. Our Conveyor Belt Reeling Equipment can be manufactured for both in-house as well as outdoor use. Our Reeling Equipment can be manufactured to handle rolls of Conveyor Belt up to 3200mm production width & 60 tonnes in weight.


We supply Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Clamps in a range of belt width sizes as well as maximum screw tensions & conveyor belt lifting devices.