Timing Pulleys & Synchronous Timing Belts

  • Rubber & PU Timing Belts in XL, L, H, XH & XXH
  • PU Steel Cord Timing Belts in MXL, XL, H & L
  • PU Steel Cord Timing Belts in  T 5, AT5, T10, AT10, T20 & AT20
  • HTD Rubber & PU Timing Belts in 5M HTD, 8M HTD, 14M HTD & 20M HTD
  • Double Sided Timing Belts

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  • Gates Polychain®
  • Bando Timing Belts
  • PU Steel Cord Open Ended Timing Belts in T5, AT5, T10, AT10, T20 & AT20
  • Goodyear Eagle PD Timing Belts
  • Belts available with a range of top cover rubber & PU coverings
  • Belts available with top cover attachments
  • Belts are available with a Centre V Guide Tracking Strip
  • Taper & Pilot Bore Pulleys in a range of materials – steel, stainless steel, aluminum or delran.
  • Pulley finishes in – aluminum: anodized & hard anodized,  steel: black oxide, zink plated, chromate & nickel plated.


Long length open ended FDA Polyurethane Steel Cord Belt is both chemical & abrasion resistant. The steel cords ensure very high tensile strength.  Precise timing & synchronization is ensured. Belts can be welded endless or joined with clamping plates.

Polyurethane Timing Belts are used in: robotics hoisting equipment, automotive assembly systems, pallet conveyors, linear positioning, vacuum conveyor belts, packing assembly systems.

Our range includes:

  • PU Steel Cord Open Ended Timing Belts in T5, AT5, T10, AT10, T20 & AT20, XL, L, H & XH

For spliced belts the minimum length is 900mm the Allowable Tensile Strength should be reduced by 50%. Kevlar reinforcement is also available against special order.

Belts can be supplied with special finish covers of: Foam Rubber, Rubber & PVC Roughtop, Silicon Rubber, Eurotex 35CN Rubber, Linatex, PVC & anti-static PU. Belts can be grooved, punched, & slotted with infinite permutations.