Chevron Cleated Rubber Conveyor Belt


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C.C.Components Pty Ltd stocks a comprehensive range of CHEVRON CLEATED Rubber Conveyor Belt in specific widths, with various cleat heights & patterns & rubber cover compounds. All cleats are integrally molded with high abrasion resistant qualities. Where the angle of inclination of conveyors exceeds 18° utilisation of a Chevron Belt is recommended. Our C6 is suitable for 20°incline, C15 for 30° incline & C25 for 40° incline. In all cases the cleat designs ensures contact with return rollers at every cleat transition. 

Our 2ply range of lightweight N Grade C6 Chevron Cleated Rubber Conveyor Belt: 2P350C6, 2P450C6 & 2P600C6 are all produced with a full belt width integrally molded 6mm high V Cleat at a pitch of 65mm. These belts are the recommended choice for Sanki & Portable Mini Conveyors.

Our 3ply range of N Grade C15 & C25 Chevron Cleated Rubber Conveyor Belt: 3P450C15, 3P600C15, 3P650C15, 3P750C15, 3P800C15, 3P900C15, 3P1200C15, 3P900C25, 3P900C25XBare & 3P1200C25 is produced in both a 15mm or 25mm high Chevron V Cleat in varying pitch centers and pattern width dependant on the actual belt widths. The 3P900C25XBARE comes standard with a bare low friction bottom cover & is suitable for over slider deck conveying. The cleat pattern ion all these belts is inset in from each top cover edge allowing for a suitable skirt assembly to operate. In all cases the cleat designs ensures contact with return rollers at every cleat transition. 

Chevron Belts known as Long Horn, Bull Horn & Deer Horn in 17mm, 25mm & 32mm cleat heights are available against indent.

Our EP450/3 V6MOR X BARE is a Nitrile Oil Resistant Rubber Belt with a 6mm high, MOR Grade Nitrile Multi V6 Cleat top cover and a bare low friction bottom cover suitable for over slider deck as well as roller support conveying. Also known as Multi V Cleat, this belt has become popular in recent years because it can be manufactured in slabs and then slit to the desired width, thus preserving the entire pattern. The belt can be run in either direction, to carry material up an incline, or to allow proper drainage if run in the opposite direction.


Our range of Chevron V6, C6, C15 & C25 Chevron Belts are suitable for over roller incline conveying applications and in particular mobile road scalpers, cold planers & crushers, spreaders, batching plants & tub grinders. Our Cleated Rubber Conveyor Belt is manufactured with an EP (polyester/nylon) carcass that provides high strength, low stretch, excellent trough ability & good impact resistance.

We also manufacture a range of fabricated cleated rubber belts for specific applications

  • Our Tile Lift Belt is used for tile elevating throughout the building industry
  • Our Trencher Belt also known as a Ditcher Belt is suitable for mobile trenchers

Our in house fabricatedcleated belts can be supplied with cleats – indented from the belt edge, notched for troughing idlers or curved pans, cut-outs or voids & cut down to intermediate heights all custom designed to fulfil a specific requirement.

All Chevron Cleated Rubber Conveyor Belts provide superior resistance to moisture, mildew, rot & abrasion.