Deboning Belts

Deboning Belts are primarily used to run in machines against cold, sometimes frozen meat & bone in pork, beef, turkey & chicken processing plants. Manufactured from a special FDA/USDA urethane wet application material with unique physical properties & exceptional fatigue resistance. Deboning Belts are available in a range of sizes, hardness & configurations, all designed to suit popular Deboning machines.

Key features of our urethane Deboning Belts:

  • Cut & tear resistant
  • Puncture resistant
  • FDA/USDA approval
  • Superior durability
  • Very low cut growth (if nicked, how fast the cut grows)
  • Regularly outlasts other belt types by as much as 3:1

These belts can also be used to run against perforated drums to recover/salvage/squeeze foods, toothpaste, shampoos etc. from damaged or outdated packages.