Dough Handling Conveyor Belting


Conveyor belts used in the different processing stages of bread, biscuit, pizza, pies, & croissants must be expressly designed to respond to different production needs.

Belts are made with different rough surfaces in cotton, mixed cotton & polyester & felt coverings as well as belts in PU, PVC & silicone coverings to solve the challenges associated with product removal, cutting, accumulation, etc.,

Our range of Special Dough Handling Belts for bakeries are made for the following purposes:

  • Truly Endless Belts for dough forming – mainly croissants forming
  • Flat belts for transition of formed dough into the oven.
  • Flat belts for dough forming

Our range of belts for Rotary Molders encompasses:

Solid Woven Cotton, Solid Woven Polyester & uncoated synthetic fabrics in both rough & fine weave surface finishes ensuring good release of dough.