Draper & Combine Harvester Belts

Our range of replacement Swather Draper Belt use a 100% S & Z twist Spun Polyester carcass coated with oil resistant rubber covers providing:

  • Excellent resistance to wear & abrasion
  • Less stretch & shrinkage
  • Total resistant to moisture, rot & mildew
  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent rip resistance
  • Outstanding oil resistance particularly to canola, rape & soybeans

Our belts feature a cross cleats with a glass fibre reinforced integrally moulded cleat, complete with an V guide on the bottom side. Our belts are interchangeable with the original OEM belt.

Our Swather Draper Belt range includes:

  • 36ins wide to suit John Deere side belts
  • 41ins with no V guide to suit AGSO
  • 41.5ins with no V guide
  • 41.6ins with underside V guide one side only
  • 42ins
  • 42ins – 24oz weight to suit Honey Bee
  • 41.88ins to suit N/H
  • 36ins x 332ins full side belt
  • 36ins x 420ins full side belt
  • 41.5ins & 42ins to suit Macdon Windrowers

The majority of belts in the Australian market are either the 41.6ins belt with an underside V guide or the 42ins smooth back belt. The basic rules for ordering a belt are.

  • What is the overall belt width
  • Does the belt have an underside V guide
  • What is the overall belt length 
  • Are joiners required 

  draper belts

Our range of Combine Harvester Pick Up Belts provide the same characteristics as our swather draper belts. Our belts can be supplied in jumbo rolls or cut to a specific length. Our SWB110IMPAG is a popular choice particularly due its outstanding oil resistance to canola, rape & soybean.

A range of Belt Joiners is available to suit both Draper & Harvester Pick Up Belts