Electric Motors, Geared Motors & Gearboxes

C.C.Components Pty Ltd can offer a full range of name brand Worm Gearboxes, Geared Motors, Plenetary Geared Motors, Electric Motors, Motor Brakes, in a wide variety of speeds, sizes & kW ratings. We also supply Slide Rails, Invertors & Motor Mounts.


Electric Motors are available ranging from fractional power to in excess of 20,000kW. We carry a comprehensive range & can supply all popular brand name motors

Our Electric Motor range includes:

  • PPA & PPC high efficiency
  • PPD flameproof
  • SGA cast iron frame
  • SLA aluminum
  • MRA aluminum
  • CW – CWC light industrial
  • MN premium aluminum



Our Geared Motor range includes:

  • Inline Helical
  • Worm Geared Right Angle Drive
  • Mechanical Variator
  • Helical Bevel Right Angle Drive
  • Shaft Mounted Helical Geared

We supply motors & gearboxes as separate components or assembled.

      SEW 1

We are proud to stock & supply SEW Gearmotors & Frequency Inverters, Industrial Gears & Electric Motors.

We supply High Torque Planetary Geared Motors with ratios from 1:3 to 1:7 on single stage & 1:10000 or more on five stages with a torque range from 500Nm to 500,000Nm. Our units are compact, & have rugged cast iron housings. Various inputs are available: electric, hydraulic, air & brake,

Brake Motors come in electric, hydraulic, pneumatic & manually operated configurations.


We supply a range of Agricultural Gearboxes to suit a range of farming applications.