C.C.Components Pty Ltd stocks a comprehensive range of quality, competitively priced – Polyethylene AA Elevator Buckets, Black Steel Fang Elevator Bolts, Maxi Splice Elevator Belting Fasteners & Solid Woven PVC Elevator Belting.

Features of our White Polyethylene AA Elevator Buckets:

  • High Speed Centrifugal Discharge 90 – 270 m/minute
  • Temperature Range -60°C to +90°C
  • Tough, Lightweight & Flexible
  • Non Corrosive & Non Sparking
  • Clean Finish to provide a Clean Discharge

White AA Polyethylene Elevator Buckets applications:

  • Grains & Seeds
  • Fertilizers
  • Salt & Sand
  • Feeds & Food Products
  • Scrap Metal
  • Sawdust

Electrical Conductivity of our White AA Polyethylene Elevator Buckets:
In order to determine the Electrical Conductivity of plastics used for buckets the electrical resistance is measured in Ohm as per test method ISO 284 & DIN 22104

  • Polyethylene 2.2 x 1010
  • Nylon 2.0 x 1014
  • Polyurethane 4.2 x 1015

The result shows that polyethylene buckets display the highest electrical resistance (least conductive) followed by polyurethane & then by nylon. As far as it is known, plastic elevator buckets have never created a spark that led to a dust explosion in a bucket elevator.

Stocked Range of White AA Polyethylene Elevator Buckets
6 x 4, 7 x 4, 8 x 5, 10 x 6, 12 x 6 & 14 x 7

Stocked Range of Black Fang Elevator Bolt Fasteners
M6x25, M8x30, M8x40, M10x35, M10x45 & M10x50
Stainless Steel elevator bolts are also available

Maxi Splice Elevator Belting Fastener
Maxi Splice Elevator Belting Fasteners are manufactured from non ferrous metal of very high tensile strength.

  • They are non sparking, non corrosive & non rusting.
  • They are suitable for both Solid Woven PVC & Rubber Elevator belting. Each fastener can accommodate 50mm of belt width.
  • Standard bolts will clamp belts up to 12mm in gauge. Longer bolts will accommodate thicker belts

Other Elevator Bucket types available against indent:

  • Nylon
  • Polyethylene
  • Urethane
  • Welded Steel
  • Cast Iron

In conjunction with our partners we can design, manufacture & install both Elevator & Conveyor Belt Systems

Our range of Solid Woven PVC Elevator Belting SWB400CSB can be supplied either un-punched in cut roll form, or cut to size & punched to suit your particular bucket pattern. We can also fit elevator buckets to either your existing belt, or to a belt supplied by us

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