Eurotex CN60 Black

Eurotex CN60 Black is a material with a mixture of styrene, butadiene & isoprene rubber with very good wear resistance qualities against dry wear & impact. With a CN bonding layer the product has extremely good adhesive qualities when used in combination with our recommended adhesive system.

Typical fields of use – Lining for vibration feeders, slides, bunkers, chutes & sieve tubs. Rubber covering of conveyor idlers & bend pulleys for medium to high belt tensions.

Stocked Sizes Standard gauges mm
Width mm Roll Length mts 10.0 12.5 20.0
1500 10 * * *

* denotes normally ex stock

Eurotex CN60 Black can be supplied in shorter lengths & can be cut to custom width strips as required.

We can supply primers & bonding solutions for customer own Cold Bonding to Metal or Rubber application.