Magnetic Separator Belts

Also known as Eddy Current Separator Belts these belts are used in the process of removing metal contaminates from the base product being conveyed in coal handling, cement production, & glass & tyre rubber recycling, to name but a few.

Magnetic & Eddy Current Separator Belts are available with a variety of top cover qualities (ceramic chips, urethane & metal “armor cladding”) & cleat/sidewalls in a range of various profile dimensions (rubber, urethane & stainless steel) all designed for specific applications.


There are a number of base belt types that can be used – rubber, PVC, Novitane®  & PU. Our range is custom manufactured & can be adapted to suit your specific machine. We provide replacement belts for: Sterns, Eriez, Dings & Walker.

red novitane

We can now offer the Novitane® Polyurethane range that provides many operational benefits.