Marble Polishing Belts

We can supply a range of Marble Polishing Belts for the industry that are able to solve a wide range of challenges associated with the cutting, polishing, gauging & lapping of all rock & stone products with a thickness of 10mm & over. Particular belt cover profiles & grades of cover are available to provide easy discharge & yet firm location of the workpiece on the belt during the processing stage.


In a most aggressive work environment our belts are manufactured to provide long & trouble free service in the following applications:

  • Chamfering machines
  • Polishing machines for marble & granite
  • Gauging machines for marble & granite
  • Polishing & gauging machines for ceramics & terrazzo tiles

In addition to the supply of our conveyor belts we can provide for the installation joining & maintenance of the belts within your processing machine.

This service is performed by well trained, experienced field servicemen on a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year basis. Our own strategically located C.C.Components Pty Ltd Sales & Service Centers are supported by a number of business partners throughout Australia & New Zealand.