MOR Oil Resistant Nitrile Rubber Conveyor Belt



C.C.Components Pty Ltd stocks a range of MOR Oil Resistant Nitrile Rubber Conveyor Belting suitable for conveying applications in timber milling, coal & sand mining, grain handling, waste recycling & building industries.

MOR Oil Resistant Nitrile Rubber Conveyor Belting is manufactured with an EP (polyester nylon) carcass that provides:

  • High strength with low stretch
  • Excellent trough ability
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good impact absorption qualities
  • High rip & tear resistance
  • Good mechanical fastener holding strength

MOR Oil Resistant Nitrile Covers provides:

  • Excellent resistance to mineral oils
  • Exceptional resistance to swelling from terpines
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Totally resistant to rot, mildew & UV ozone.


Our stocked range comprises: EP450/3P 5X1.5 MOR NITRILEEP450/3P MOR NITRILE TIMBERKINGEP450/3P V6 MOR MULTICLEAT.

MOR Oil Resistant Nitrile Rubber Conveyor Belting can be custom fabricated with a range of Rubber Cleats, Sidewalls & Tracking Guides

  chevron-conveyor timber

EP450/3P V6 MOR NITRILE MULTICLEAT is manufactured in slabs up to 1800mm in width & then slit to the desired width, preserving the entire pattern of 6mm MOR V cleats which are spaced every 150mm down the belt with each row offset 75mm from the next. The belt can be run in either direction to carry material up an incline or to allow proper drainage if run in the opposite direction.

Our range of MOR Oil Resistant Nitrile Rubber Conveyor Belting can be supplied:

  • Cut to specific width & length,
  • With ends prepared for cold chemical joining or hot vulcanization
  • Joined with mechanical belt fasteners
  • Endless by cold chemical joining
  • Endless by hot vulcanization
  • Slab rolls suitable for slitting

 Production standards: Our belts are manufactured in conformance with Australian Standards.

Services:C.C.Components Pty Ltd is available for all your field & in plant installation & repair work. Our service crews are totally self-contained fabrication units able to perform the most demanding jobs with little or no need for your plant resources.