Multiply PVC Conveyor Belt

pvc food handling belt WIDE PVC BELT

C.C.Components Pty Ltd range of Australian manufactured & imported Multiply PVC Conveyor Belts in both flexible & monofilament carcass construction provides high strength, low stretch characteristics, dimensional stability & are totally resistance to moisture, rot & mildew. Our  rsnge is constantly being expanded & developed to meet increased demand from our customers & to reflect new market trends.


Multiply Hygienic PVC Belt is manufactured in both white & tan & provide excellent oil & grease resistance. Our Hygienic belt range is available with various top & bottom cover finishes & gauges. Multiply Hygienic PVC Conveyor Belts are available with either high gloss smooth PVC, PVC skim or bare polyester top covers. Our range of 2000mm wide Hygienic PVC Belts includes; 2E16TF WHITE, 2E16TF TAN, 3E24TF WHITE & 3E24TF TAN.

A number of our high gloss smooth top PVC Belts come standard with a unique Peel off Mylar protective cover which ensures the belt is kept clean throughout the preparation & joining process.

Our easy to clean, high gloss general purpose 2000mm wide PVC smooth top cover Multiply PVC Conveyor Belts include 2E16TFGREY, 2E16TFBLUE2E16TFG2E24TFG 3E24FTG, 4E36TFG & 4E48TFG. These belts come in a range of colors, cover qualities & gauges and all have low friction bottom covers. Our 3E24FFG has PVC friction polyester top & bottom covers & is suitable for agricultural harvesting & processing conveyor systems.

Diamond impression bottom cover belts: 2E16TEMBLUE, 2E16TEMBTAN 3E24TEMBTAN are all manufactured with a high gloss PVC top cover and are suitable for wet slider deck as well as over roller conveyor systems. Popular applications include: abattoir production lines, fruit & vegetable harvesting & brick & tile production systems.


 Our 2000mm wide 3E24BFW has low friction white polyester top & bottom covers and is suitable for general purpose conveying systems where a belt with a low friction top cover is required, in particular, product accumulation systems.

crescent top pvc

Our 2000mm wide Crescent Top patterned Multiply PVC Conveyor Belts are available in both Hygienic White 3E24CRESW or Hygienic Tan 3E24CREST with a high grip top cover. Both belts are suitable for incline & decline conveyor systems in grain & timber handling facilities, food production, packaged goods & fertilize conveyor systems. Black Hygienic Crescent Top can be produced against order in 2, 3 or 4ply belt construction. Our unique extra large crescent profile provides increased conveying capacity.

Our 1500mm wide Timberflex Oil Resistant PVC Multiply Conveyor Belts, 3PCPCSOF & 4PCPCSOF are both manufactured with a PVC smooth skim top cover & a low friction polyester bottom cover. Timberflex Belts are suitable choices for medium duty waste recycling & timber handling conveyor systems.

With its aggressive heavy gauge Z top profile,  PVC150ZBB is a 2ply oil resistant PVC Conveyor Belt widely used in waste recycling, wood chip conveying & agricultural product handling that conveys up to 30% more product than smooth top belts. The continuous Z pattern offers a reduced noise level & vibration on return side rollers. The HPC carcass provides superior tracking in both directions, resistance to edge wicking & curling & excellent flexibility around small pulleys.

food conveyors PVC BELT BEING CUT

In order to enhance belt performance, all belts can have bottom cover hot welded PVC TRACKING GUIDES in K, M, A, B, & C section, in either solid or notched profiles. Our range of PVC Tracking Guides can also be used as top cover lateral cleats or edge containment strips.

Smooth top Multiply PVC Conveyor Belts can be supplied with a range of top cover hot welded PVC CLEATING & SIDEWALLS. Our range covers T Cleats in 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, & 75mm, Super Scoops in 75° 50mm & 75mm, Soft Top Tube Cleats in 40mm & 60mm, & Sidewall in 25mm, 38mm, 50mm & 75mm.


All our SAles & Service Centers carry extensive inventories of belting stocks, belt fasteners & PVC profiles. They are all equipped with modern & efficient vulcanizing & fastener installation equipment. Our Service Crews are all available to support your operations by providing a year round 24 hour local service.

Multiply PVC Conveyor Belts can be either hot vulcanized joined, cold chemically joined or mechanical fastener joined using an extensive range of belt fasteners that include Flexco Ready Set, Clipper, Anchor and CAI.

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