Open Length & Detachable Belting

  • Open Ended Belting – Round & Vee Belt Section
  • NuTLink® Orange Variable Length Belting


Our range of Nu-T-Link adjustable Orange V belting is made from high performance polyurethanes reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric. These belts are highly abrasive, oil & water resistant & will outlast conventional rubber V Belts in hostile conditions. The NuTLink Orange comes in a range V belt section sizes.

round pu 

Our Polyester V Belts, Polyester Ridge Top, Polyester Rough Top & Round Polyurethane belting comes in a wide range of sections, compounds & finishes. Belts are suitable for applications where excellent wear, abrasion & oil resistance is required in a temperature range of -30°C to +80°C.

A range of cutting, preparation & joining tools to suit all types of open length belts are available.