Other Rubber Conveyor Belts

SAR Superior Abrasion Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belting

Our range of SAR Grade abrasion resistant belts are available against custom design & manufacture.  SAR covers provide superior resistance to severe abrasion. Our belts are ideally suited for trap rock, copper or gold ore, sinter, coke etc.

High Capacity Steel Cord DRB Elevator Belting

In certain applications where high tensile strength is a perquisite to success the Steel Cord Elevator Belt should be considered.


  • Higher center distances
  • Lower elongation & high lateral tear resistance
  • Quite operation
  • Minimum take up adjustments
  • Very high work tensions

Mono Ply DRB Rubber Conveyor Belting

Single Ply DRB Rubber Belting has been developed to withstand the toughest applications when conveying large quantities of material. The DRB Belts have excellent resistance to flexural fatigue, shocks & impacts with outstanding troughability.

Characteristics of Mono Ply :

  • One-ply carcass provides up to 2000kN/m tension
  • Low elongation allows short take up. Elongation is approximately 0% at 10% load.
  • Single layer carcass structure provides optimum troughing
  • Small than normal pulleys can be used
  • Extra heavy covers can be utilized with the thin mono carcass

Cotton & Rubber Transmission Conveyor Belting

Our range of 3ply 3CC Transmission Belting, 4ply 4CC Transmission Belting & 6ply 6CC Transmission Belting are all popular choices for light to medium duty, over deck conveying applications. Our 6ply is also used in medium duty elevator belt systems.