Poly V Pulleys & Poly V Belts

poly v belt pulley

Our Poly V Belt range encompasses J, L & M Section belt sizes

Poly V Belt Characteristics:

  • Suitable for transmitting power up to approx. 600 kW
  • Suitable for small pulley diameters (20mm) achieving very high peripheral speed (up to 60 m/s).
  • The belt can counter flex & work on the backside
  • Suitable for either Taper Bore or Pilot Bore Pulleys

Poly V Belts can be supplied with special finish covers of: Foam Rubber, Rubber & PVC Roughtop, Silicon Rubber, Eurotex 35CN Rubber, PVC & anti-static PU. Belts can be grooved, punched, & slotted with infinite permutations.

Typical applications: robotics hoisting equipment, automotive assembly systems, pallet conveyors, linear positioning, vacuum conveyor belts, & packaging assembly systems.