Recycling, Sortation & Bounce Conveyors

Conveyors form a critical component of any MRF (material recovery facility) facilitating the movement of waste from a loading dock, to a sortation line &  into crushing bailing machines.


With a comprehensive range of belt types in Solid Woven PVC, Abrasion Resistant Rubber & Oil Resistant Rubber , we are able to design, fabricate & install the sort of robust, heavy-duty conveyors essential for these demanding operations. Material, general shape, & speed are important basic values to be considered for maximum efficiency, performance, & case of operation.

We have a wide variety of conveyor types, from hinged steel belt, rubber/chain belt, armored covered belts, rubber rough top bounce belt that deliver your recycling to chutes, bins, compactors, or separation facilities.

We are able to assist you to adapt or modify/extend your existing equipment, as well as undertake routine maintenance, assisting you to maximize the working life & hence return-on-investment of your equipment.