Repair Bands, Diamond Patches & Splicing Rubbers

Manufactured with a protective plastic film, suitable for on site cold repair bonding, in both reinforced & non reinforced qualities & with a CN bonding layer our range is suitable for all grades of Rubber Conveyor Belt with the exception of food quality & hot material handling belts. Certain sizes are available in a FRAS compound.

Repair Bands are available in 10mt rolls: in 50mm, 70mm, 100mm 150mm & 220mm widths

Diamond Patches are available in: 135×160, 200×260 & 270×360 sizes

CN Repair Rubber in:1.5mm & 3mm unreinforced 10mt rolls

Filler Rubber in: 10mt rolls x 3mm

Elliflex Repair Rubber: 1.2kg & 1kg packs

We can supply Primers & Bonding solutions for customer own Cold Bonding to Metal or Rubber application in 1kg packs.