Rubber Screen Mats


rubber screen mats rubber screen mat 2

Manufactured from a high quality impact and abrasion resistant natural rubber compound and with low stretch tyre cord reinforcement our Rubber Screen Sheet is used primarily for the manufacturer of cross tensioned rubber screens for medium fine to medium coarse screening applications. Rubber Screen Mats are available in either side or end tensioned configurations.

Rubber Screen Mats can be punched to suit your screening requirements, in square, round & elongated apertures.

  • 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm gauges
  • 2.2mm inclusive of 75mm aperture sizes available


Advantages of Rubber Screen Mats opposed to Steel Screen Mats

  • Significantly reduced noise level.
  • Non corrosive in wet applications.
  • Does not suffer from pitting or stress corrosion.
  • Does not suffer from fatigue which is accelerated by screen vibration.
  • More cost effective.
  • Abrasion resistance normally outlasts steel by up to 4:1

Advantages of Rubber Screen Mats opposed to Polyurethane Screen Mats

  • Rubber is less inclined to break soft or brittle into smaller pieces (especially suitable for coal)
  • Rubber is a more lively screen which prevents blinding & pegging.
  • Rubber has excellent tear resistance.
  • Rubber has excellent impact resistance.
  • Rubber has excellent puncture resistance.