Sampla PVC, U & PU Conveyor Belt


C.C.Components Pty Ltd range of Sampla Monofilament Conveyor Belts provides high strength, low stretch characteristics, dimensional stability, flexibility & resistance to mineral & vegetable oils, moisture, mildew and rot.

Sampla U35 has been Australia’s first choice for brick conveying systems since its introduction in 1982. With a special blended PVC/U top cover U35 provides outstanding abrasion, cut & oil resistance. U35 is manufactured in 3000mm wide rolls.

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Sampla U20 & Sampla U35, 3000mm wide Conveyor Belts have a high gloss, special hard wearing top cover, highly resistant to abrasion, cut and gouge & mineral oils. With a hard wearing, low friction polyester bottom cover these belts are suitable for either roller or slider bed conveyor systems within the brick, tile, marble, glass, recycling & timber processing industries.

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Sampla L10M Rough Top has a machine cut, profiled top cover & polyester low friction bottom cover and can be used as either an incline or decline conveyor belt.

Sampla L10LGB & Sampla L20LGB Conveyor Belts have a longitudinally grooved profiled top cover with a polyester bottom cover and are also suitable for incline and decline roller & slider bed conveyor systems. Both belts are widely used throughout material handling & distribution centers. The special profiled longitudinal groves provide a greater angle of incline & decline than traditional rough top belts.

L10M, L10LGB, L20LGB, & R10 are all suitable for lightweight process and material handling, warehouse & distribution conveyor systems.

Sampla R10 is produced with top & bottom very low friction bare polyester covers and is suitable for both accumulation/conveying applications. R10 is a popular choice for metal detection & packaging equipment.

Sampla R19 is produced with top & bottom covers in a special blended fabric with raised knots providing a carrying surface where substantial amounts of flour can be conveyed to stop fresh pasta from sticking to the surface. R19 is designed for slider bed conveyor systems.

Sampla PVC Conveyor Belts can be either hot vulcanized joined, cold adhesive joined or mechanical fastener joined using fasteners that include Flexco Ready Set, Clipper, CAI and Anchor.

A number of Sampla Belts can be supplied with top cover hot welded PVC CLEATING & SIDEWALLS and bottom cover hot welded PVC TRACKING GUIDES all designed to enhance belt performance.

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Sampla P6 & Sampla P8 White Polyurethane Conveyor Belts are produced with a hard wearing top cover of smooth PU providing excellent product release, easy to clean, grease & oil resistant  and come a with a low friction PU treated polyester bottom cover.

P6 & P8 have antistatic qualities, are suitable for small pulley as well as knife edge flat conveying throughout confectionery, baking & cheese production.

Sampla P6 & P8 PU belts are normally hot joined using a finger splicing technique ensuring an extremely strong & flat splice.

Other Sampla PU Belts available against indent.

Name Plies Overall

Gauge MM
Belt Cover Description
P4 1 0.6 White Smooth
P6/F 1 0.8 White Smooth
PV6 1 0.8 Green Smooth
P7 1 1.3 White Smooth
P7/A 1 1.3 Opaque Smooth
P7/A G 1 1.3 Green Matt Smooth
P7/Z 1 1.4 White Textured
PV8 – X359 2 1.3 White Smooth High Acid & Abrasion Resistant
P10 2 1.6 White Smooth
P10 G 2 1.6 Green Smooth
P10/M 2 5.2 White Large Pattern Textured
P20 2 2.4 White Smooth


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