Table Top Conveying Chains

Our comprehensive range of Table Top Conveying Chains are leading edge, productivity-focused, complete conveying solutions that are specified by countless breweries, beverage producers, conveying equipment suppliers & food plants across Australia.

Our range covers:

  • Acetal flat top chains
  • Stainless steel flat top chains
  • Plastic sprockets & idler wheels
  • Stainless steel sprockets
  • Plastic modular belts
  • Conveyor components

Within our range we can supply:

  • Sideflexing Chains
  • Straight Running Chains
  • Chains with integrally molded rubber gripper pads
  • Chains with low noise accumulation rollers
  • Plastic Chains with snap on gripper pads
  • Split & one piece Sprockets & Idler Wheels
  • Case Conveyor Chains, Sprockets & Idler Wheels
  • Support Tripods & Bipod Bases
  • Articulated Feet
  • Threaded Tube Ends
  • Guide Rails Clamps & T Clamps
  • Side Guide Brackets
  • Wear Strips
  • Corner & Straight Tracks
  • Roller Guides & Rollers