Teflon® & Silicon/Glass Belts

teflon belt in drying oven 1 rubber curing teflon belt

Our range of over 70 Teflon® & Silicon/Glass Belts cover many special high performance flexible composite products. Many are used in packaging, food processing, electronics & chemical processing, shrink tunnels & rubber profile extrusion


Belts are available in either solid or open mesh configuration. Belts operate up to 260°C, provide superior non-stick surfaces, high chemical & abrasion resistance & are dimensionally stable

Belts can be custom fabricated with the following features:

  • Heat Sealed Overlap & Scarf Splices
  • Heat Sealed Butt Splice
  • Finger Splice
  • Mechanical Fastener Splice
  • Fabric Pin Splice
  • Edge Reinforcement to one or both edge
  • Splice Protection
  • Tracking devices on one or both edges