Thermoplastic Conveyor Belt

Ply Free Thermoplastic Conveyor Belts provide non absorbent, highly hygienic and abrasion resistant properties. The very nature of the ply free belt eliminates delamination, peeling or fraying. Thermoplastic Conveyor Belts are used throughout meat, poultry, cheese, automotive, brick, tile & glass, recycling & agricultural industries.

We currently supply both Volta & Amra Thermoplastic Belting which are available in a range of colors, quality grades, gauges & surface finishes. Belts can be supplied with drilled patterned drainage holes & supplied with pacelines fabricated into the belt.

 web drive belt

Thermoplastic Conveyor Belts are available with a range of hot welded top cover cleating, sidewalls & bottom cover tracking guides all designed to enhance belt tracking.

 blue thermoplastic belt SanitaryThermoBelt

Volta SuperDrive™ & Dual Drive SP™ belts have integral teeth on the drive-side of the belt providing the following benefits:

  • Positive drive eliminates slippage.
  • Positive Drive eliminates belt elongation.
  • Works with small pulleys – 50mm diameter (minimum)
  • The teeth act as guides for the belt.
  • Intralox Series 800 sprockets can be used or similar 2¨ pitch.
  • Significantly reduced usage of wash down water.
  • Greatly reduces noise levels when compared to modular belting.

In many instances SuperDrive™ & Dual Drive SP™ can be designed to replaces modular conveyor belting.

Volta Blue Line flat belting meets FDA/USDA/3A-Dairy approvals. These belts were originally developed to help with visual identification of possible contamination of conveyed products. More recent developments in sorting & slicing machinery use optical scanners to view & evaluate product sections. Scanners work best on a belt surface that has a high contrast to the color of the product being scanned. The color blue meets this need excellently.

Thermoplastic Belts can be fabricated with a range of cleats & sidewalls all designed to assist in belt performance. Because of their homogeneous qualities, thermoplastic cleats & sidewalls are highly resistant to oils, abrasion, cutting & tearing. Sidewalls are available in 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm & 100mm heights.